Worth the wait. There's nothing a banana milkshake doesn't make better.

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Encouraging your vice, as you’re familiar with me repeating myself, here’s a recommendation, ...again - Henryk Sienkiewicz‘ trilogy starting with With Fire & Sword. This time though I’m backing it with a link to someone else’s recommendation -


In this review the author had found it nearly impossible to find The Deluge (2nd Book). I own it and first read it when I was just older than you are now. He also acknowledges getting through the Polish names as “sledding.” I agree, but found learning to read the names and pronouncing them fun.

Also, as this Sienkiewicz book review is about Quo Vadis, one of the most purchased books ever, having been translated in to 50 languages, I’ll acknowledge that I am just getting back to it. I hadn’t originally finished reading it.

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