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Amtrak Adventure 14/31 (about October 13th, 2021)

Yesterday was another simple day: we worked, and we ate. Work primarily consisted of many meetings (I’ve moved most of mine to Wednesdays), taken while shoved into our Airbnb closet. That’s not too interesting or transparent, so writing about food it is!

There aren’t many accessible restaurants in our current neck of the woods; our Airbnb is jammed into the tip of West Oakland, surrounded by train tracks, in view of the port, and right next to a gigantic USPS facility (which I can only assume is one of their main distribution centers for the Bay Area, West Coast, and/or California). You get what you pay for, and we certainly didn’t pay for extensive access to local cuisine.

So when we decided to venture out for lunch… well, one look at the map discouraged us quite quickly. Any decent nearby restaurants seemed to be at least a two-mile walk away, and that was something we didn’t have the time or inclination for!

So we fired up DoorDash instead and found a local Indian restaurant (that I can’t find on the map and suspect to have been a ghost kitchen), from which I got one of the most colorful meals of my life:

Yum! Enough food to fill us up, with plenty of leftovers for dinner.

But we didn't eat those for dinner—we went out again, this time back in the heart of SF’s Mission district with two of my coworkers (one of whom lived with us this last summer down in Daly City). Thai food this time; also delicious!

After playing around on Mateo’s miniature electric bike for a while after the restaurant closed (trying successfully not to get killed in traffic, despite the bike’s conspicuous lack of a working brake system) we headed back east on the BART.

And that was the day—lots of work, two great meals, and more time enjoying SF!

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